Zee5’s Abhay Season 3 Episodes List, Run Time, Show Length

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Abhay S3 is the latest web series released on the Zee5 OTT platform on 8th April. Starring Kunal Kemmu and Nidhi Singh in the leading roles, this crime thriller series was the most awaited web series of 2022. Abhay Season 3 is the direct sequel to its predecessor.

Unlike its previous season where episodes were released in bits and pieces, all the episodes of Abhay season 3 were released in one go. Read on to know more about the total show length, runtime, and list of each episode.

Abhay Season 3 Runtime, Show Length, and Episodes List

Abhay season 3 has a total of 8 episodes. The length of each episode varies from 32-42 minutes.

Abhay Season 3 Episodes Episode Number Run Time
Like, Share, Kill Season 3 Episode 1 42 minutes
Highway to Hell Season 3 Episode 2 40 minutes
Monster on the Loose Season 3 Episode 3 35 minutes
Night of Terror Season 3 Episode 4 33 minutes
Avatar Gatha Season 3 Episode 5 35 minutes
Infinity and Beyond Season 3 Episode 6 32 minutes
Moment of Truth Season 3 Episode 7 35 minutes
Mrityu ya Mukti Season 3 Episode 8 33 minutes
TOTAL 285 minutes
Table showing runtime of each episode of Abhay 3

So the total run time of Abhay season 3 is 285 minutes or 4 hours and 45 minutes. The above information regarding the run time and episodes list of Abhay season 3 is true and authentic. This is taken directly from the Zee5 website.

Below are some FAQs answered that users or viewers usually ask. Do read them.

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How many episodes are there in Abhay Season 3?

There are a total of 8 episodes in Abhay 3.

Where to watch Abhay season 3?

Abhay 3 can only be watched, streamed, and downloaded on the official Zee5 website or app.

Can you watch Abhay Season 3 on Hotstar?

Abhay web series has been distributed by Zee5. So it can be watched exclusively on Zee5 platforms.

Can Abhay web series be watched on Zee TV?

Abhay web series can only be watched on Zee Entertainment’s digital mediums which are the Zee5 website and app. You need to have an active Zee5 subscription plan to watch Abhay Season 3.

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