Will There be Season 4 of Abhay Web Series? Check Out!

Abhay is a crime thriller web series. Having released the previous 2 seasons on Zee5, the 3rd season of Abhay was released on 8th April 2022. The show received a tremendous response from the starting 2 seasons of the show. However, season 3 had a dull response from the viewers.

After the 2nd season of Abhay was released, it was sureshot confirmed that the show will receive a green signal for the 3rd season. Post-release of the 3rd season, the clarity of the 4th Season of Abhay remains uncertain. Read on to know more about Abhay Season 4.

Abhay 4: Will there be season 4 of the Abhay Web Series?

It is very much unlikely that Zee5 will continue with Abhay season 4. There are certain reasons to believe this. The first is that the Abhay web series did not have much to offer in the 3rd season either. Same storyline, just like the previous seasons. The second being Zee5 is now looking at the world outside Abhay web series franchise. In short, Zee5 just doesn’t want to be known only because of the Abhay web series. The above are the most likely reasons why the makers still haven’t announced the 4th season of the show.

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Conclusion: Abhay 4 Penned or Halted?

The above reasons push more towards a halt rather than continuing the show. In the end, all vests on Zee5. But the bigger picture shows that Abhay 4 will not be continuing further.

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