Who Plays Rinki in Panchayat Season 2? Rinki in Panchayat 2

Who Plays Rinki in Panchayat Season 2 Rinki in Panchayat

Panchayat season 2 is the new talk of the town. After finding great success in season 1, Prime Video renewed Panchayat for season 2. Panchayat 2 has received positive reviews from fans and critics and the show will likely be renewed for 3rd season.

One character that viewers are in complete awe of is Rinki. In Panchayat season 2, Rinki plays the role of Pradhan Ji’s daughter. Here’s looking at the real-life name of the character who plays Rinki in Panchayat season 2.

Rinki from Panchayat Season 2 Real Name

The real name of Panchayat season 2 Rinki is Sanvikaa. Rinki from Panchayat season 2 aka Sanvikaa’s Instagram ID is @sanvikkaa. Not much has been known about Sanvika’s Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Was Rinki aka Sanvika in Panchayat Season 1

Panchayat season 2 is Sanvika’s debut series. To clear the doubts, Sanvika was not present in Panchayat season 1.

Will Rinki Feature in Panchayat Season 3

Panchayat season 2 has ended on a cliffhanger and will likely be renewed for season 3. Considering the growing popularity of Rinki’s character, Sanvika will definitely feature in the 2nd season of the show.

So this was it from Rinki’s character played by actress Sanvika.

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