Where to Watch Gullak Season 3? TVFPlay or SonyLIV?

Gullak Season 3 is the latest web series. A sequel to previous seasons, Gullak S3 will release across the world on 7th April. In the previous seasons, TVF acted as a producer and distributor of the Gullak web series. Meaning, the show was released exclusively on TVF platforms (app and website).

As the viewers gear up for new or 3rd season of Gullak, we look at where exactly you will be able to watch it. Whether it will be SonyLIV or TVFPlay.

Will Gullak Season 3 Release on TVFPlay?

The trailer of Gullak Season 3 was released by SonyLIV on YouTube and not on TVF. However, TVF still remains the creators of Gullak season 3. We saw at the end of Gullak Season 3 trailer that it is SonyLIV originals. This confirms that Gullak Season 3 will not release on TVFPlay app or website.

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Gullak S3 to only release on SonyLIV app and website

Whether TVF produced the content and sold it to SonyLIV is unknown. But one thing is for sure that SonyLIV will remain exclusive distributor worldwide for Gullak’s 3rd season. To put this thing in simple words, Gullak season 3 will only release on SonyLIV app and website. You will need an active subscription SonyLIV plan to watch Gullak Season 3. So you will not be able to watch Gullak Season 3 on TVF’s YouTube channel, nor on TVFPlay app and website.

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