Passed away at 41

Subi  Suresh

लीवर फेलियर,जिससे हुई मलयालम टीवी होस्ट और कॉमेडियन सुबी सुरेश की मौत

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सुबी सुरेश

लीवर फेलियर की वजह से मलयालम एक्ट्रेस, कॉमेडियन और टीवी होस्ट सुबी सुरेश की मौत (Subi Suresh Death) हो गई

Malayalam actress Subi Suresh passed away at a private hospital in Kochi on February 22 due to acute liver failure.

The actress suffered from liver issues for the past many years. Here are top causes of deadly liver complications in youth.

The actress had been suffering from liver issues for the past many years  and in previous interviews blamed her unhealthy lifestyle

like not eating on time and not taking her medications for her poor  health. According to media reports, the Subi was awaiting her liver  transplant surgery and was even planning her wedding.