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Britain Dalton began his acting career by happen-chance, when a film  student spotted him doing card tricks for a crowd on the street, 

They asked him to audition for the lead role in Chapman University film:  'Jude's Tribute.' He has played Lo'ak, the second-born son of Jake Sully and Neytiri in Avatar The Way Of Water

Britain's natural acting style and unique 'look' quickly landed him  roles on TV's 'Criminal Minds,' and a music video for "Switchfoot's hit  song 'When We Come Alive,"

Britain Dalton, a young star who is bound to be thrust into stardom after "The Way of Water" dazzles audiences. Playing Lo'ak, Dalton has the difficult role of being the duo's second child.

Britain Dalton opened up about how James Cameron specifically wrote Lo'ak in an open ended way, allowing the actor to shape the character in how own way. "Going into it, he [Lo'ak] was written in a way Jim left it open

Dalton painted his Na'vi as a rebel. "He was sort of a guy who gets in trouble and all this stuff, and he's a screw up in that way,"

Britain co-starred with Billy Bob Thornton & William Hurt in David  E. Kelley's Amazon Legal drama 'Goliath.' He has also appeared in Steven  Spielberg's 'Ready Player One;' and the crime thriller: 'Thumper;'

Britain has recently completed filming the movie 'Dark Harvest' with  Director David Slade and the 'Avatar' Sequels with James Cameron.

Though Lo'ak is known to get into hot water, Dalton says that there's more to the character than his mistakes. "But he was also misunderstood, and he's an outcast, and he's alone in the world.

The main characters in Avatar: The Way of Water are Jake Sully and Neytiri, Jake and Neytiri are both members of the Na'vi, a humanoid species native to the moon Pandora.

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