Undekhi Series Season 2 Episodes List, Run Time, Show Length

Undekhi Series Season 2 Episodes List Run Time Show Length

SonyLIV, an underrated OTT platform, high on content quality distribution, is back with another crime thriller series. Undekhi web series season 2 was released on SonyLIV platform on 4th March. The events in Undekhi season 2 takes place exactly after season 1 had ended.

So if you are planning to watch and download Undekhi season 2’s episodes online from SonyLIV, make sure you look at the list of all the episodes in the series. Read on to know more about the episodes list and run time of Undekhi season 2.

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Undekhi Season 2 Episodes List and Run Time

Here’s looking at the complete breakdown of Undekhi season 2.

Undekhi Season 2 Episodes Episode Number Run Time
The Wild Goose Chase S2E1 34 mins
Needle In A Haystack S2E2 34 mins
Might Of The Atwal Empire S2E3 38 mins
True Lies S2E4 34 mins
Wedding Bells Make A Loud Sound S2E5 33 mins
Revenge Is Best Served Cold S2E6 38 mins
The Girl And The Cop S2E7 35 mins
Goons, Guns And Bombs S2E8 38 mins
The Hunter Is Now The Hunted S2E9 37 mins
That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbl S2E10 34 mins
TOTAL 355 minutes
Table showing episode wise breakup of Undekhi Season 2 Web Series

How Many Episodes in Undekhi Season 2?

There are a total of 10 episodes in Undekhi Season 2. All of them have been altogether released on SonyLIV on 4th March itself.

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Undekhi Season 2 Total Run Time

The total run time of Undekhi season 2 is 355 minutes or 5 hours and 55 minutes in total, comprising of 10 episodes.

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