Top Best Latest Hindu Boy Names


The Hindu Dharma or the Sanatan Dharma is an ancient religious practice and shows people a way of life. A large population follows this religious practice. Of the many things that the religion has to offer to its followers, names are a major chunk. Taken from Sanskrit – the mother of all languages – these names are meaningful and lovely. If you are looking for a Hindu baby boy name, then MomJunction has put together a list, which will give you a wide variety of names that would spoil you for choice.

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Best With Meanings:

1. Aadavan:

Spread brightness in your son’s life by naming him Aadavan, which means ‘sun’.

2. Aahan:

Aahan is one of the most popular Hindu baby boy names of 2018. It means ‘dawn, morning glory’.


3. Aakav:

Aakav is a short and simple name meaning ‘form or shape’.

4. Aakesh:

Aakesh would make a stylish alternative to Akash. It means ‘lord of the sky’.

5. Aakil:

Aakil, meaning ‘intelligent or smart’, is a charming title for a future genius.

6. Aanan:

Aanan is a catchy name, meaning ‘appearance’.

7. Aanav:

Aanav is the opposite of Daanav and means ‘humane’.

8. Aarush:

A name that is widely popular with the Hindus, Aarush means ‘bright, shining, or sun’.

9. Aayu:

Aayu, meaning ‘life span’, would make a lovely choice for parents looking for a vowel-laden name.

10. Abhik:

Abhik is a pleasant name, meaning ‘beloved’ and ‘fearless’.

11. Achintya:

Acintya, meaning ‘unthinkable’, sizzles enough to be unique.

12. Adbhuta:

This Sanskrit origin name has several positive connotations such as ‘extra ordinary, remarkable, fabulous, and miraculous’.

13. Adhija:

Adhija, meaning ‘superior by birth’, is blazing with popularity in India.

14. Adri:

Adri, meaning ‘rock, stone, mountain’, will have your child grow up to be a strong and brave man.

15. Adith:

The meaning of Adith is ‘from the beginning or sun’.

16. Advit:

Advit is a unique Hindu baby boy name, which also means ‘unique’.

17. Adyant:

This versatile name has its root in the Sanskrit . Adyant means ‘beginning of the end’.

18. Aekansh:

Another modern Hindu baby boy name, meaning ‘unique’.

19. Agraga:

Help your child grow up with leadership qualities by naming him Agraga, which means ‘leader’.

20. Ahan:

Drawn from the natural world, Ahan, means ‘dawn’.

21. Ahil:

This name, meaning ‘prince’, has been made hugely popular via Salman Khan’s nephew, Ahil.

22. Ainesh:

We love the etymology of this name. It means ‘sun’s glory’.

23. Aksaja:

Aksaja is one of the names of Lord Vishnu. It means ‘thunderbolt or diamond’.

24. Amand:

Parents who want an active and agile baby can name their child Amand, which means ‘active or bright’.

25. Amas:

We can’t help but love this name. Amas means ‘soft or tender’.

26. Amava:

Amava, meaning ‘strong or impetuous’, is flashy, hip, and sticks well with the ever popular trend of ‘a’ ending name.

27. Amay:

Amay is one of the names of Lord Ganesha.

28. Ambaka:

In Sanskrit, Ambaka means ‘an eye’ or ‘having three eyes’.

29. Ambhoja:

With a fascinating ring to it, this name means ‘water born’. You could give your Aquarian babies this name.

30. Anay:

This Sanskrit moniker, meaning ‘without a superior’, is widely popular with the Marathis.

31. Anish:

Anish is a kickass name, meaning ‘supreme, paramount’.

32. Anuh:

Anuh is one of the least used names in India. It means ‘calm or content’.

33. Anvay:

Anvay is derived from Sanskrit word ‘anvaya’, meaning ‘joined or integrated’.

34. Apurva:

Apurva is a strong title, meaning ‘novel or unmatched’.

35. Aradhy:

Aradhy is a traditional Hindu name, meaning ‘to be worshiped’.

36. Archis:

Archis is a sizzling hot name, meaning ‘ray of light’.

37. Aribam:

Aribam is an inspirational Hindu name, meaning ‘leader’.

38. Arihan:

How about giving your son a strong and bold name such as Arihan, which means ‘destroyer of enemies’.

39. Arin:

Arin, meaning ‘discussion’, is ready to take over the charts in a few years.

40. Arit:

The name Arit, meaning ‘praised’, will add a splash of coolness to your child’s personality.

41. Arochan:

The name, meaning ‘bright, radiant, or shining’ makes us want to head outdoors and soak in the sun.

42. Arpit:

A glamorous baby name with loads of appeal, Arpit means ‘to dedicate or give in’.

43. Arth:

An intellectual name, Arth means ‘meaning’.

44. Ashmayu:

This moniker comes with the option of a cool nickname, Ash. Ashmayu means ‘ray of light’.

45. Aswad:

This ancient, but rarely heard name literally means ‘relishing your food’.

46. Atharv:

Atharv, meaning ‘wise or learned’, is originally the name of a Vedic text.

47. Atishay:

Atishay is an everyday name, meaning ‘wonderful, excellent’.

48. Avyakta:

This Lord Krishna’s name denotes the one who sees the world crystal clear.

49. Bhadrak:

In Purana, Bhadrak is the name of the king of Anga. It means ‘handsome, brave, or good’.

50. Bhavatu:

Bhavatu is a basically a Sanskrit term, meaning ‘amen or okay’.

51. Bodhi:

This Sanskrit name is gaining popularity, not just in India, but all over the world. It means ‘awakening or enlightenment’.

52. Chaayan:

Technically, Chaayan means ‘picking or collecting’, but it also means ‘moon’.

53. Chaitanya:

This name, meaning ‘energy or vitality’, was borne by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, a great Vaishnavite saint.

54. Chaitya:

Chaitya, meaning ‘perceivable’, is sure to make major waves this year.


We love how this name sounds. Chakshan means ‘good looking’.

56. Charun:

Charun, meaning ‘one with beautiful eyes’ is a nice alternative to common name Varun.

57. Chinmay:

Chinmay is a name of Lord Ganesha and means ‘consisting of pure thought’.

58. Chitayu:

A name for the intelligent folks, Chitayu means ‘born of the intellect’.

59. Chitin:

Chittin, meaning ‘intelligent’, is fresh and just rolls off the tongue.

60. Chitvan:

Chitvan, meaning ‘look or glance’, would make an illuming choice for your child.

61. Daivey:

Daivey perfectly symbolizes the sentiment you feel for your little one. It means ‘dearly loved’.

62. Daiwik:

Parents looking for a spiritual name should look no further than Daiwik. It means ‘God’s grace’.

63. Deekshant:

Deekshant, meaning ‘gift of God’, is a simple, yet stunning baby name.

64. Deepit:

Deepit, meaning ‘passionate, illuminated, inflamed, or excited’, gives off a positive and energetic vibe.

65. Devaj:

This preppy name fits with current favorites such as Devin or Dheeraj. It means ‘born of the Gods’.

66. Devak:

This delightful name, meaning ‘divine, glorious, pious’ is indeed a winsome choice.

67. Devin:

Devin is a divine baby name, meaning ‘resembling a God or poet’.

68. Devyan:

Devyan is literally an out of the world name, meaning ‘serving the gods’.

69. Dhanvin:

Dhanvin, one of the names of Lord Shiva, is too precious for words.

70. Dhavak:

Dhavak is a robust and fierce name, meaning ‘forerunner’.

71. Dhavit:

A boy with this name will definitely have a pure and clean soul. It means ‘purified’.

72. Dhir:

Teach your child the virtue of persistence by naming him Dhir, which means ‘patience’.

73. Dhira:

Dhira is a fierce or fearless name, meaning ‘brave’.

74. Dhrishnu:

If you’re up for traditional Hindu names, pick Dhrishnu, which means ‘son of Manu’.

75. Dhrsita:

This latest Hindu boy name originates from Sanskrit word ‘dhRSita’, which means ‘brave or bold’.

76. Dhven:

Dhven is a mighty and majestic unique Hindu name, meaning ‘godly’.

77. Divij:

This Sanskrit name means ‘sky born or divine’.

78. Divit:

Divit, meaning ‘immortal’, brings to mind a happy-go-lucky boy, who’s always up for a laugh.

79. Doshagya:

Doshagya is derived from Sanskrit term ‘doSajJa’, meaning ‘he who knows what is evil and avoids it’.

80. Dravina:

This name means ‘power, wealth, or strength’.

81. Edhas:

Fill your child’s life with joy by naming him Edhas, which means ‘happiness’.

82. Ehan:

Ehan, meaning ‘expected’, could help parents set some expectations of their children.

83. Ehit:

A boy with this name is sure to have a jovial personality. Ehit means ‘ever-smiling’.

84. Elil:

Another lovely name, Elil means ‘handsome’.

85. Erish:

Erish, meaning ‘to cherish’, will teach your child to value every big and small things in life.

86. Galav:

Galav is an uncommon botanical name, meaning ‘bark of lotus tree’.

87. Gaman:

Gaman is a classic sounding name, meaning ‘undergoing, attaining’.

88. Gana:

Pay tribute to Lord Shiva by naming your son Gana, which means ‘tribe or group’.

89. Ganak:

Ganak has an unusual appeal that makes every parent swoon. It means ‘mathematician or one who calculates’.

90. Gaoushik:

Gaoushik is one of the rarely heard names of Lord Buddha.

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91. Hariaksh:

Hariaksh is a unique name of Lord Shiva.

92. Harij:

Harij is a mindful name, meaning ‘horizon’.

93. Harin:

Harin, meaning ‘pure’, is slowly making its way into the mainstream.

94. Harishva:

No one can ever guess that this modern sounding name harks centuries back. Harishva is one of the names of Lord Shiva.

95. Harman:

This moniker is widely popular with the Punjabis and means ‘lord’s heart’.

96. Harshill:

Harshill would make a unique alternative to Harsh. It means ‘joyful’.

97. Harshu:

This cute baby name means ‘deer’.

98. Harsith:

Harsith, meaning ‘joy, happiness’ is quite a charmer.

99. Harith:

Parents looking for color inspired name can zero in on Harith, which means ‘green color’.

100. Hemil:

A name with a beautiful ring, Hemil means ‘gold’.

101. Hiresh:

Hiresh is a beautiful and uncommon Hindu boy name, meaning ‘king of gems’.

102. Hriday:

Vintage lovers should feast their eyes on Hriday, meaning ‘heart’.

103. Hridhaan:

This moniker is derived from Sanskrit elements ‘hrid’ and ‘dhaan’, which means ‘one with a great heart’.

104. Harshit:

This cheery name, meaning ‘happy or cheerful’, would be a perfect name for your son.

105. Hrutesh:

This name, meaning ‘lord of springs’, would fit well with the current trend of seasonal names.

106. Ibhan:

Ibhan is a practical and timeless name of Lord Ganesha.

107. Idhayan:

Idhayan is a lovely name with a unique tone. It means ‘joy of heart’.

108. Ihit:

Ihit is a playful and lighthearted name, meaning ‘prize or honor’.

109. Ijay:

The name Ijay has its roots in Hindu mythology. It means ‘Lord Vishnu’.

110. Ikshan:

Ikshan is a Sanskrit noun referring to ‘sight or superintendence’.

111. Illesh:

A name with a different touch, Illesh means ‘lord of the earth’.

112. Iravaj:

Iravaj, meaning ‘born of water’, is perfect for a Scorpion or Cancerian baby.

113. Irish:

Nope, we not talking about people of Ireland here. Irish is a legit Hindu name, meaning ‘lord of the earth’.

114. Ish:

It cannot get shorter than this. Ish is a name of Lord Vishnu.

115. Ishin:

Should you be looking for a bold and inspiring baby name, you must consider Ishin, which means ‘commanding’.

116. Ishir:

This cool sounding name is originally another name for Agni or fire. It means ‘powerful or refreshing’.

117. Ishivatva:

Ishivatva is one of those names that will make anyone stop and look again. It means ‘superior or supreme’.

118. Jogesha:

Jogesha is a variant of Yogesh, which means ‘The Lord of Yoga’.

119. Joshit:

Joshit, meaning ‘pleased, delighted’, is a cute pick with tons of power.

120. Kaanishk:

Kaanishk was the name Lord Vishnu’s vehicle.

121. Kahan:

Kahan is one of the names of Lord Krishna.

122. Kalagya:

Kalagya is a term usually used for an ‘astrologer or one who is skilled in arts’.

123. Kalin:

Set your child on the path to success by naming him Kalin, which means ‘flourishing, or developing rapidly and successfully’.

124. Kalita:

Kalita is an ancient Sanskrit word, which means ‘made or formed’.

125. Kama:

Kama, the name of the Hindu god of love, is the name of Lakshmi’s son.

126. Kamada:

In the Mahabharata, Kamada was the name of Skanda’s follower. It means ‘giving what is wished’.

127. Kamin:

Kamin, meaning ‘impassioned, desirous’, is too adorable to pass up.

128. Kanan:

This moniker is becoming increasingly popular because of the Indian YouTube sensation. Kanan means ‘forest’.

129. Kanav:

Kanav is a pleasant sounding name, meaning ‘an old yet wise sage’.

130. Kanha:

This name is linked with divinity as it’s one of the names of none other than Lord Krishna. It means ‘dark or black’.

131. Kanj:

Kanj is one of the names of Lord Brahma.

132. Karali:

Karali is one of the seven tongues of the God of fire.

133. Kavan:

Kavan is edgy, short, and super cute. It means ‘water’.

134. Kavindu:

Kavindu is one of the names of Valmiki. It means ‘the moon of poets’.

135. Kavish:

This unique Hindu boy name refers to the ‘lord of poets’.

136. Khalin:

Here’s one of those Hindu names you don’t get to hear every day. Khalin means ‘one who possesses threshing-floors’.

137. Kiaan:

This friendly name means ‘ancient or king’.

138. Kishen:

Kishen is the modern form of Krishna. It means ‘black or dark’.

139. Ksaita:

Ksaita, meaning ‘prince’, is a stylish name that many people would love to use.

140. Kshana:

Lord Ganesha is also named Kshana because his swiftness is beyond measure.

141. Kunal:

Kunal, meaning ‘one with beautiful eyes’, is a handsome name for a boy.

142. Lusha:

Lusha, meaning ‘saffron’, was the name of Nisada and Chanaki’s son.

143. Madhuj:

Parents who want a nature-inspired name can go for Madhuj, which means ‘wax, beeswax’.

144. Mahin:

Mahin is a playful name with a grounded meaning. It means ‘earth’.

145. Mahir:

A child with this name will surely grow up to be a genius. Mahir means ‘expert’.

146. Mahit:

Mahit, a fine alternative to the name Mohit, means ‘esteemed or honored’.

147. Manayu:

This Hindu name is full of magic. It means ‘desirous, devoted’.

148. Mayank:

Parents looking for a celestial name can choose Mayank, which means ‘moon’.

149. Mayin:

As per Rig Vega, Mayin in the creator of the universe. Literally, the name means ‘one who has the skill of enchantment’.

150. Mayur:

The name Mayur means ‘peacock’.

151. Milan:

Milan is a dreamy and elegant name, meaning ‘union’.

152. Nadin:

Nadin is a flowing name, meaning ‘lord of rivers’.

153. Naksh:

This short and sweet name means either ‘features’ or ‘moon’.

154. Naman:

In this Hindu mythology, Naman represents good fundamental nature.

155. Navneet:

The name Navneet means ‘one who is ever new’ in Sanskrit.

156. Nayat:

If you happen to be a fan of ‘at’ ending names, Nayat would be a perfect pick. It means ‘leading or guiding’.

157. Neer:

Another beautiful name for water sign babies, Neer means ‘water’.

158. Nimay:

ending with ‘ay’ have always been a favorite with parents. Nimay means ‘change, barter, or exchange’.

159. Niraj:

Let your child hit the waves with this baby name, meaning ‘born in water’ or ‘illuminate’.

160. Nrpati:

Nrpati is all class, strength, and royalty. It means ‘lord of men, king, or prince’.

161. Ojasvat:

Ojasvat is hot right now. It means ‘strong or energetic’.

162. Omkar:

Another naming option with religious sentiments. Omkar is derived from Om, a sacred syllable in Hinduism.

163. Onain:

Onain is a quintessential masculine name, with an uncommon meaning. It means ‘vision’.

164. Onir:

Give your child a bright and shining future by naming him Onir, which means ‘shining’.

165. Panna:

Panna is a Hindi name, meaning ‘emerald’ or ‘having qualities of an emerald’.

166. Parthiv:

Parthiv, meaning ‘royal’, is apt for your little prince.

167. Posha:

Any parent would want their child to see ‘growth and prosperity’ in whatever they do.

168. Poshit:

Don’t you think Poshit sounds incredibly royal? It means ‘nourished’.

169. Prajeshvara:

Prajeshvara, meaning ‘lord of the creatures’, has a mysterious touch to it.

170. Pranay:

Pranay is an extremely lovable name, meaning ‘affection or love’.

171. Pratik:

A perfect name for artsy parents, Pratik means ‘symbol or image’.

172. Pravir:

The rhythmic quality of this name will make it stand out from the crowd. Pravir means ‘brave’.

173. Prayan:

Prayan means ‘progress or commencement’.

174. Punit:

Punit is a lovely name with a vintage aura. It means ‘cleaned or purified’.

175. Purav:

Keep up with the trend of directional names by naming your son Purav, which means ‘east direction’.

176. Purnit:

Purnit is a darn cool name, meaning ‘complete’.

177. Rahasya:

Those who are inclined towards mystery and adventure would like the name Rahasya, which means ‘mystery’.

178. Rakshan:

Rakshan, meaning ‘protector or preservation’, is the 928th name of Lord Vishnu.

179. Raktim:

Raktim is a powerful and to the point name, meaning ‘vibrant or red’.

180. Rasajja:

Rasajja, meaning ‘one who understands the rasas’, is a precious and unique Hindu name.

181. Rathik:

Rathik, meaning ‘rider of a chariot or loved one’, is sure to capture the hearts of everyone who hears it.

182. Ravishu:

Ravishu is an airy name, full of life. It means ‘god of love’.

183. Rbhu:

In The Vishnu Purana, Rbhu was the name of Brahma’s son, who was a brilliant scholar.

184. Ridhaan:

Ridhaan is a soulful baby name, meaning ‘searcher’.

185. Rijul:

This striking name means ‘innocent and honest’.

186. Rodas:

Rodas, meaning ‘heaven and earth’, is a gorgeous name that GenX parents would love.

187. Rohak:

Rohak, meaning ‘climber, kind of spirit’ is a baby name that will never go out of style.

188. Rohil:

This name, meaning ‘grown, rising’, is sure to be setting trends soon.

189. Romik:

Those looking for an earthy name can opt for Romik, which means ‘magnet, saline earth or the salt extracted from it’.

190. Romir:

Romir is an ancient name with a modern touch. It means ‘interesting or pleasant’.

191. Ronit:

Ronit is a beautiful Hindu name, meaning ‘a song of prosperity’.

192. Ruchir:

This name, meaning ‘charming, beautiful’ drips with charisma.

193. Sahil:

Sahil, meaning ‘beach or shore’, has a charm, which makes it extremely alluring.

194. Saket:

Saket is the name of the ancient Ayodhya. It means ‘a place close to heaven’.

195. Sankalp:

Sankalp has an aura which no one can deny. It means ‘determination’.

196. Saphal:

Saphal is a powerful and stately name, meaning ‘successful or productive’.

197. Sarin:

Parents who like ‘in’ ending name can circle on Sarin, which means ‘helpful’.

198. Sarva:

The name Sarva originates from Shiva’s association with Rudra. It means ‘all or everything’.

199. Sarvagya:

A stately name, rich is panache, Sarvagya means ‘all knowing’.

200. Sayaka:

Sayaka, meaning ‘sword, arrow’, is an illuminating name that shines above the rest.

201. Sayujya:

Sayujya is a traditional Sanskrit name, meaning ‘intimate union or merger with the divine’.

202. Shaarad:

Shaarad is an easy breezy name, meaning ‘white lotus’.

203. Sharva:

Sharva, meaning ‘destroyer or withdrawer’, is the ninth manifestation of Rudra.

204. Shivansh:

Shivansh, meaning ‘incarnation of Lord Shiva’, is totally on the rise.

205. Shlok:

This Sanskrit name denotes a rhymed and metered phrase or poetic verse. It can even mean ‘song’.

206. Shoumik:

A favorite with Bengalis, Shoumik means ‘powerful’.

207. Shravas:

Shravas, meaning ‘prestige’, is a classy name for your baby boy.

208. Shresht:

Shresht is literally the best Hindu baby boy name, meaning ‘best, king, superior’, will definitely make your son stand out.

209. Shriyukt:

Shriyukt is a thoroughly masculine name, meaning ‘fortunate or famous’.

210. Shrut:

Shrut is one of the several names of the all-pervading Lord Shiva. It means ‘known or glorious’.

211. Shrutadhi:

Meaning ‘respectable of knowledge’, Shrutadhi originates from the Sanskrit .

212. Shrutarshi:

Shrutarshi refers to the someone who is distinguished by knowledge. It means ‘a knowledgeable person’.

213. Shrutasena:

A name that makes us want to take up bows and go for a battle, Shrutasena means ‘famous army’.

214. Shrutin:

Shrutin, meaning ‘one who has heard’, evokes thought of class.

215. Shrutva:

A name that’s unique in all aspects, Shrutva means ‘the one who is being heard’.

216. Shwetan:

Shwetan is quite an ancient name, but is rarely used now. It means ‘dawn’.

217. Siddh:

Here’s another beautiful name in the traditional category. Siddh means ‘fact or proven’.

218. Skanda:

This elaborate, three syllable name is the 327th name of Lord Vishnu, as listed in Vishnu Sahasranama.

219. Sudyut:

Sudyut, meaning ‘shining beautifully’, is too beautiful to not consider for your little one.

220. Sujal:

Sujal means ‘affectionate’, a quality every parent wants their child to have.

221. Sukul:

This cue word, meaning ‘noble’, could make a unique name for your son.

222. Suresh:

Suresh is unique, traditional, and will boost your child’s morale. It means ‘ruler of Gods’

223. Sushok:

Your child is sure to have a gleaming future with this name. Sushok means ‘shining or beautiful’.

224. Svojas:

Svojas is one of the names of Lord Ganesha. It means ‘strong or powerful’.

225. Tala:

Literally meaning ‘slapping the hands together or against one’s arm, melody, or dance’ is the 358th name of Lord Shiva.

226. Tarakshya:

Tarakshya is also one of the names of Lord Shiva. It means ‘gold, bird, horse, or snake’.

227. Taral:

Taral is a soft and lilting name, meaning ‘liquid’.

228. Taras:

Taras, meaning ‘energetic or strength’, is perfect for a rough and tough young gentleman.

229. Tatpara:

Tatpara, meaning ‘deeply engrossed’, is one of the names of Lord Ganesha because He loves meditating.

230. Tavisa:

This Sanskrit origin name, meaning ‘strong, energetic’, continues to soar in popularity.

231. Tavish:

Tavish, meaning ‘courageous, strong, gold’, packs a huge punch.

232. Tavya:

Tavya, meaning ‘strong’, has a rockstar like appeal to it.

233. Tejasvat:

This prestigious name with Sanskrit roots means ‘bright, glorious, and energy’

234. Ujesh:

It would be safe to say that this rare name is quite unique. Ujesh means ‘conquering’.

235. Urjit:

Urjit, meaning ‘energized or powerful’, will give your son a daily dose of energy.

236. Varenya:

Names ending in ‘ya’ have a soft and amazing ring to them, take Varenya for example, which means ‘best, excellent, wish for’.

237. Vasud:

Vasud is the 269th name of Lord Vishnu and another name for Kubera. It means ‘granting wealth’.

238. Vaydhish:

Once popular decades ago, Vaydhish, meaning ‘lord of Vedas’ is all set to make a comeback.

239. Vedhas:

Vedhas means ‘worshipper of Gods or wise and learned man’. A popular bearer of this name is Harishchandra’s father’.

240. Viaan:

Just like its meaning, even the name Viaan is ‘full of life and energy’.

241. Vidyot:

In the Purana, Vidyot was the name of Dharma’s son and Sthanayitnu’s father. It means ‘flash of light or lightning’.

242. Vijna:

Vijna has a certain twist which every mom will love. It means ‘wise or intelligent’.

243. Viksya:

Another unique Hindu baby boy name that earns a spot on this list is Viksya, which means ‘actor, wonderful dancer, or astonishing’.

244. Viraaj:

Viraaj, meaning ‘brilliant, shining’, is an awesome name to bestow upon your child.

245. Viswaroopin:

If you like names that have a strong 80s presence, Viswaroopin, meaning ‘appearing in various forms’ would be perfect.

246. Vrnda:

Vrnda, meaning ‘power or skillful’, is one of the names of Lord Krishna.

247. Vyan:

This cool names originates from the Sanskrit word ‘vyAna’, which means breath or life giving’.

248. Yajvan:

Yajvan is a unique Sanskrit origin name, meaning ‘calm or peaceful’.

249. Yuvan:

This boisterous baby name means ‘healthy, strong’.

250. Yuvraj:

This name Yuvraj, meaning ‘prince’, is usually used for the eldest son in the Rajput family.

We hope you like our compilation of unique Hindu . Share your favorites with us by commenting below.

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