Money Heist Korean Total Episodes, Run Time and Length

Money Heist Korean Total Episodes Run Time and Length

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is a South Korean Netflix Original Series. It is a crime drama series spanning a total of 12 episodes. Its first six episodes were released on 24th June 2022 while the remaining six were released on 9th December 2022.

Here is the trailer of Money Heist Korea Season 1, followed by details related to its total episodes and the running time or length of each of them:

Money Heist Korean Total Episodes List

Episode Number Episode Name Running Time / Length
S1E1 Episode 1 78 minutes
S1E2 Episode 2 74 minutes
S1E3 Episode 3 68 minutes
S1E4 Episode 4 71 minutes
S1E5 Episode 5 65 minutes
S1E6 Episode 6 64 minutes
S1E7 Episode 7 71 minutes
S1E8 Episode 8 68 minutes
S1E9 Episode 9 68 minutes
S1E10 Episode 10 71 minutes
S1E11 Episode 11 69 minutes
S1E12 Episode 12 77 minutes

All the episodes are between 64-78 minutes in length.

The earlier Money Heist, i.e. the Spanish version, had 13 episodes and their length was between 40-60 minutes.

Where to watch Korean Money Heist?

Since this is a Netflix Original, you can watch this series only on Netflix and on no other OTT streaming service.

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