LOTR: The Rings Of Power

LOTR The Rings Of Power

‘Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power’ is the latest addition to the Lord Of The Rings’ cinematic universe. It is set thousands of years before the events that took place in Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit trilogy.

The fans have gone gaga ever since Amazon Prime Video dropped a short teaser trailer on YouTube. The previous 6 movie adaptations (LOTR + The Hobbit combined) of JRR Tolkien have been marathon long that stretched for hours. Are you also the one wondering as to what type The Rings Of Power be? Whether it will be a trilogy movie are a series? Read on to know more as to how Prime Video will distribute The Rings Of Power.

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Is ‘The Rings Of Power’ A Movie Or A Series?

To cut short the answer in simple words, The Rings Of Power is an adventure fantasy series. The series itself is spread across multiple seasons with each season having numerous episodes. With ‘The Rings Of Power’ being made as the series form, the creators will not have any time constraints, as was the case with movies previously. With that being said, the makers will now have full freedom to express the art and the beauty of Lord Of The Rings novel written by JRR Tolkien in the series.

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More About The Rings Of Power

The Rings Of Power will likely have 5 seasons with the first season already in the post-production. Prime Video will invest around $1 Billion for all the 5 seasons which will exclusively be distributed on their OTT platform. More than $400 million have already been used as the budget for the first season of The Rings Of Power.

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