Is Netflix’s Man vs Bee Remake of Eega (Makkhi) Movie?

Is Netflixs Man vs Bee Remake of Eega Makkhi Movie

Man vs Bee is an upcoming English series set to be released on Netflix. Man vs Bee is a Netflix original series starring Rowan Atkinson popularly known as Mr. Bean.

Upon the release of the trailer of Man vs Bee, many people, particularly the Indian audience compared Man vs Bee series to 2012 released Eega (Makkhi) movie. The plot of Man vs Bee movie is somewhat similar to Eega. A Bee can be seen in the trailer entering the house and disturbing the peace. Read on to know whether Man vs Bee is actually a remake of the Eega (Makkhi) movie or not.

Man vs Bee Series: A Remake of Telugu Movie Eega (Makkhi)?

As said earlier, the main plot or crux on which the Man vs Bee series is based is a Bee or fly, entering a house, and the housekeeper (Mr. Bean) tries to fend her off the house, resulting in complete chaos. This plot is precisely the same as the second half of movie Eega (Makkhi).

After verifying from multiple sources, it has been concluded that Man vs Bee, no matter how much similar it looks, is not a remake of Eega (Makkhi) movie. Thus, the Man vs Bee series is neither remake nor the makers have taken any rights.

It should also be seen that plots of both Eega (Makkhi) movie and Man vs Bee series are similar to Breaking Bad series’ Season 3 Episode 10 “Fly” (released on 23rd May 2009). Just like the makers of Man vs Bee haven’t taken any rights in creating the series from Eega, it is also very much unlikely that the makers of Eega (Makkhi) movie have taken any rights from the makers of Breaking Bad.

Check out the trailer of Man vs Bee.

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