ImMature Season 2 Run Time, Episodes List & Show Length

ImMature Season 2 Run Time Episodes List Show Length

ImMature season 2 is the new comedy-drama show released on 26th August. ImMature season 2 was released worldwide on Amazon Prime Video. A Prime Video original, ImMature season 2 is a sequel to season 1.

Read on to know more about ImMature season 2’s run time and list of episodes with length.

ImMature Season 2 Episodes List and Run Time

ImMature season 2 comprises 5 episodes. Here’s looking at the episode list and run time.

Episode Name Episode Number Run Time
Time For A Change S2E1 28 minutes
Sambhog Shastra S2E2 25 minutes
Roop Ki Rani
Choron Ka Raja
S2E3 32 minutes
Chhayajaal S2E4 26 minutes
A Night To
S2E5 32 minutes
TOTAL RUN TIME 143 minutes
ImMature season 2 episodes list.

So the total run time of ImMature season 2 is 143 minutes or 2 hours and 23 minutes. The run time of each episode varies from 25-32 minutes. Looking at the total run time and run time of each episode, ImMature is definitely binge-worthy. The run time of ImMature is similar to that of a movie.

Here are some common questions regarding ImMature season 2.

How many episodes are in ImMature season 2?

In total, there are 5 episodes in season 2 of ImMature.

Where to watch ImMature season 2?

ImMature season 2 can only be watched on Prime Video. If you are wondering whether ImMature can be watched on Netflix or Hotstar, head on to Prime Video to watch all the episodes of ImMature.

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