ImMature Season 2 Continuation of Season 1? Where to Watch ImMature?

ImMature Season 2 Continuation of Season 1 Where to Watch
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ImMature is a comedy-drama series. Season 2 of the show was released on 26th August. Coming of age series, ImMature is the work of The Viral Fever (TVF).

ImMature season 1 series is based on teens in their last year of school and having many of their first experiences.

Are you planning to watch ImMature season 2? Wondering whether it is a continuation of season 1 or not, read this article. We have also answered where you can exactly watch ImMature season 1 and season 2.

Is ImMature Season 2 Sequel to Season 1?

ImMature season 2 is a direct sequel to season 1. The 2nd season of the show takes off exactly where season 1 of ImMature had ended. To answer this question in short, you should watch season 1 of ImMature to understand season 2 as both seasons are interconnected.

Now that we know that both the seasons are interconnected, read on to know where to watch ImMature show.

Where to Watch ImMature show?

ImMature season 1 and 2 can only be watched on Amazon Prime Video. You need to have an active paid subscription to Amazon Prime Video to watch season 1 and 2 of the ImMature show.

Can ImMature be watched on MX Player?

No, you cannot watch the ImMature show on MX Player. Earlier, season 1 was released only on MX Player. As Prime Video acquired the rights to the show, ImMature was removed from MX Player and started streaming exclusively on Prime Video.

Can ImMature be watched on TVFPlay?

In addition to MX Player, ImMature season 1 was also streaming on the TVFPlay app and website. Similar to MX Player, streaming on TVFPlay was stopped once Prime Video acquired the rights and season 2 was released. So you can no longer watch ImMature on TVFPlay.

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