All Ashneer Grover Dialogues in Shark Tank India (Not For Weak-Hearted)

All Ashneer Grover Dialogues in Shark Tank India Not For

Shark Tank India has been a huge hit in India. All of its 36 episodes have received immense love. Some of the reasons for the show’s success were its timing (being aired amid the rising startup wave), kinds of businesses shortlisted and a big brand name ‘Shark Tank’ (already a successful franchise in other countries. A huge part in the show’s success has also been played by the judges – Anupam Mittan, Aman Gupta, Ashneer Grover, Ghazal Alagh, Namita Thapar, Peyush Bansal and Vineeta Singh. All of them are business superstars and have shared the right inputs. Among the judges, Ashneer Grover has particularly stood out. Reasons?

1. He is extremely direct
2. Asks tough questions
3. Talking to him makes people nervous
4. Unabashed approach to things
5. His dialogues

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There have been hundreds of memes created on Ashneer Grover’s nerve-wracking dialogues. Not even Amul or the Government of India could ignore the virality of this. Let us have a look at 11 of Ashneer Grover’s dialogues in Shark Tank India.

Ashneer Grover Dialogues in Shark Tank India

1. Bilkul Bakwaas Hai Yeh… Bannd Kardo Isey…(English translation – This is all pointless, shut it down)
2. Yeh Toh Koi Dhandha Hai Hi Nahi… (This is not a business at all)
3. Aap Aapka Time Waste Kar Rahe Ho… Bannd Karo Isey… (You are wasting your time in this, shut it down)
4. Life Barbaad Kar Rahe Ho Tum… (You are wasting your life in this)
5. Koi Dhang Ki Naukri / Dhandha Karo… (Get yourself a better job or get into a good business)
6. Scalable Nahi Lag Raha… (Doesn’t seem like this business will see huge growth)
7. 1-2% Mein Toh Main Bistar Se Nahi Uthta… (1-2% doesn’t inspire me enough to get out of bed)
8. Tumko Dhandha Karna Hai Ya Brand Banana Hai… (You want to do business or make a brand?)
9. Ye Koi Dhandha Nahi Banayenge… (These guys are not going to make any business)
10. Meri Offer Sun Lo… Aur Fir Yaad Rakhna Pehle Kisne Offer Kiya Tha… (Hear my offer and then remember who gave it you first

The list of Ashneer Grover’s dialogues is incomplete without the ultimate one
11. Ye Sab Dogalapan Hai… Main Tera Dogalapana Utaarta Hu Abhi… (This is all hypocrisy… Let me take off your hypocrisy)

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Ashneer Grover Dialogue Memes

Here are some of the viral memes on Ashneer Grover

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