Ali Merchant and Sara Khan Story: Ali Merchant Entry in Lock Upp

Ali Merchant and Sara Khan Story Ali Merchant Entry in
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The first season of Lock Upp has taken everyone by storm. With the entry of Ali Merchant, it seems Lock Upp’s creators have hit bulls eye. Ali Merchant is no new name and neither he needs any introduction. He’s been in the television space for more than a decade now. With his entry in Lock Upp, only fans add up to his existing popularity.

So do Ali Merchant and Sara Khan know each other? What is the story of Sara Khan and Ali Merchant? What is their relation? Read on to know more about Ali Merchant and Sara Khan and their story.

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Sara Khan Ali Merchant Story

It all started in 2010 between Sara Khan and Ali Merchant. Both of them were contestants in the reality television show Big Boss Season 4. To add on, they even got married inside the Big Boss house while still being contestants. It was only after 2 months of marriage and post the exit from Big Boss house that things started going down between Ali Merchant and Sara Khan. Sara and Ali eventually got divorced. The main reason that may have caused the divorce, as cited by both of them numerous times, could have been their young age.

Here’s a snippet of Lock Upp show. Scene showing Ali Merchant’s entry in Lock Upp house.

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Ali Merchant Sara Khan Reunion After 10 Years

It was only because of this reason that Sara Khan, already being in Lock Upp, wasn’t keen and excited as and when Ali Merchant showed up. Ali Merchant, now being a full fledged DJ, was never supposed to be a part of Lock Upp show. In an interview with ETimes, Ali Merchant gave an idea that he could be in Lock Upp show. Will there be a patch up between these two Sara and Ali love birds? Will Sara Khan and Ali Merchant reunite? It seems we will have to wait till the end of Lock Upp show.

Video showing Sara Khan and Ali Merchant having a casual talk.

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