Aashram Season 3 Run Time, Episodes List & Show Length

Aashram Season 3 Run Time Episodes List Show Length

Aashram 3 or Aashram Season 3 is the new web series released on 3rd June. Aashram web series is available to watch and download for free on MX Player.

Unlike the previous 2 seasons of Aashram which had 9 episodes each, the 3rd season of Aashram has 10 episodes. The length of Aashram season 3 in minutes varies from 36 minutes to 49 minutes.

Aashram Season 3 Run Time and Episodes List

As said earlier, Aashram Season 3 contains a total of 10 episodes. The below table shows the list of each episode and their length in minutes.

Aashram 3 Episode Name Aashram 3 Episode Number Episode Length Overall Episode Number Release Date
Indra Prastha Season 3 Episode 1 46 minutes 19 3rd June 2022
Chakravyuh Season 3 Episode 2 49 minutes 20 3rd June 2022
Charan Kamal Season 3 Episode 3 47 minutes 21 3rd June 2022
Guru Dakshina Season 3 Episode 4 38 minutes 22 3rd June 2022
Kaam Vatika Season 3 Episode 5 44 minutes 23 3rd June 2022
Swarg Lok Season 3 Episode 6 45 minutes 24 3rd June 2022
Halahal Season 3 Episode 7 44 minutes 25 3rd June 2022
Kuchakra Season 3 Episode 8 45 minutes 26 3rd June 2022
Shankh Naad Season 3 Episode 9 36 minutes 27 3rd June 2022
Mahabhiyog Season 3 Episode 10 47 minutes 28 3rd June 2022
List of all the episodes, run time, and show length of Aashram Season 3

The above table shows Aashram season 3 comprises 10 episodes with a total run time being 441 minutes or 7 hours and 21 minutes. Aashram season 3 started streaming on MX Player from midnight 3rd June onwards. Upon the release of Aashram season 3, the Prakash Jha’s show received mixed reviews from the audience and critics.

Both the seasons of Aashram have surpassed 1 Billion+ views (cumulative views of all the episodes) across the MX Player app and website. Aashram season 3 will easily receive 100 Million+ views after some months of release.

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Is Aashram Season 3 Connected to Season 1 & 2?

Yes, all the episodes and seasons of Aashram are interconnected. Before moving on to new seasons and episodes, it is necessary to watch the previous ones. Similarly, watching season 1 is as much important as season 2 before watching the new season 3.

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